Frequently Asked Questions

Heavenly Chocolate Fountains – FAQ We hope the following information regarding our chocolate fountain rental will be helpful in planning your special event.


If you do not see the information you require please give us a call on 087 9469107

How many guests can cater for?


Our chocolate fountains can serve an unlimited number of guests by adding more chocolate throughout the event. We can supply a medium or large chocolate fountain depending on the number of guests attending. The Medium fountain caters for between 40 and 100 guests. The larger fountain package will include the tallest 50″ chocolate fountain available. Call us at 087 9469107 for special pricing on large events.


What type of chocolate fountain does use?


We use Belgian Dark, Milk or White Chocolate or the favorite which is a blend of Belgian Dark and Belgian Milk


What about setting up the chocolate fountain?


We will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the start of your event. We take care of setting up the fountain; the chocolate will be melted and flowing as your guests arrive so they’ll enjoy the exquisite aroma as they enter. We normally run the fountain from the start of your cocktail hour for 2 -3 hours. Other arrangements can be made if you prefer it after dinner. We’ll take care of all the details of cleanup and taking down the fountain after your event. Our operator will be on duty to to run the machine, to prevent any possibility of damage or misuse.


Apart from the fountain is there any other equipment needed?


We supply everything:


– Small,Medium or large fountain depending on your guest numbers


– Choice of dipping items


– Qualified uniformed attendant


– Skewers, napkins and paper plates


– 2 – 3 hour service


– We’ll need a 220-volt, 3 pin electrical Socket fairly close by for plugging in the unit preferably within 10 feet as its best to avoid having long electrical cables laying across floors.


What about the location of the chocolate fountain?


The chocolate fountain must be set up indoors. Where the fountain is placed is very important, too, so it won’t be affected by air movement, like heaters. air conditioning or strong drafts. The fountain is a tempering heating unit, as long as it’s not in a draft, it will maintain its temperature so the chocolate will not harden. The ground must be reasonably level and preferably away from areas such as a dance floor or band etc


What about the Dips for the Chocolate fountain?


We supply a mouth watering selection of dipping items which include:


– Fresh Strawberries


– Marshmallows


– Fudge


– Pineapple, grapes, Kiwi fruit


– Banana


Perhaps you have some ideas yourself – If so just ask!!


Making a booking with


Please contact us as early as possible to secure a booking and then leave it with us to look after all the detail. A small deposit (€75) will be required to hold the booking and this can be paid via secure online payment using Paypal on our bookings page.


Is the chocolate gluten free as some guests maybe allergic to this?


Yes the chocolate is gluten free. However, it is worth remembering that some of the dipping items may contain gluten though it’s likely that the person who suffers with this problem will be aware of the foods they must avoid.


Is the chocolate “Kosher” and therefore suitable for Jewish events?


Yes the chocolate has been awarded a “Kosher” certificate, but dipping items cannot be guaranteed as being suitable other than the obvious dipping items like fruit.


Is the chocolate suitable for people with nut allergies?


No, people with nut allergies should not use the chocolate fountain


Can we choose which type of chocolate we want to use?


Yes, we have a choice of Belgian dark, milk or white chocolate or the favorite which is a blend of Belgian Dark & Belgian milk.


Will the Chocolate fountain operator require food or drink during the event?


We do not insist on this, however when our attendant is at your event for several hours some refreshments or a light snack would be very much appreciated.

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